[MlMt] Skull πŸ’€ emoji in the From header

Guillaume Barrette guitest02 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 16:46:52 EST 2021


Β Β Actually it's a MailMate feature:

Whenever the name part of an address header contains a @ then it’s 
replaced with a skull (πŸ’€). That should at least make the user aware 
of simple attempts to spoof an address header.

Reference: https://blog.freron.com/2017/email-spoofing/


On 30 Jan 2021, at 16:38, mlmt at rhp.tw wrote:

> Sometimes I will receive an email that have the skull emoji (πŸ’€) in 
> the **From** header.  At first I thought this might be due to some 
> autocorrect/auto-substitution that is enabled on my computer  (like 
> turning a smiley emoticon to an emoji), but that does not seem to be 
> the case. I also looked at the raw message of the emails  and  didn't 
> see anything unusual. Both these messages were downloaded from Gmail 
> and when I look there the skull isn't present. How is this happening?
> Here is an example message from Citibank/Best Buy
> Β 
> The **From** header is "bestbuycard at info.accountonline.com" 
> <<alerts at citibank.com>>
> ![](cid:C93864B4-EFB7-4452-B0DA-F9456F97E229 at rhp.tw "Screenshot.jpg")
> Β 
> This one is from CardPointers: "Emmanuel @ CardPointers" 
> <ejc_at_getcardpointers_com_uyj8uazgcq_8498eab2 at privaterelay.appleid.com>Β 
> ![](cid:520D4413-5503-47E8-AF3B-032DCCE36B38 at rhp.tw "Screenshot2.png")
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