[MlMt] Dragging Emails to Desktop for Long Term Achive

Mick mick at exegesis.com
Wed Jan 20 15:34:53 EST 2021

Two archive questions:

#1. When dragging emails out of MailMate to local storage folder, 
separate .eml files are created with todays created date, but not the 
content created date.  Hazy memrory -> This has been possible somehow in 
the past, maybe with other software.   Is there a way with MailMate ?

#2. Is there a method to drag-copy-delete in one step to local storage 

Thx Mick

> For long term archival I now simply recommend dragging emails out of 
> MailMate to
> save them on disk and then delete them in MailMate (and thereby on the 
> IMAP server).
> These are still going to be searchable using Spotlight and viewable in 
> MailMate (but
> not searchable in MailMate).    by Benny Kjær Nielsen Tue, 17 Jan 
> 2017 04:31:41 -0800
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