[MlMt] Show the mailbox of the currently selected message

Jolin Warren jolinwarren+mailmate at oakandapple.org
Sun Jan 17 07:00:10 EST 2021

Hello list,

Sometimes in MailMate I’m looking at a message in a Smart Mailbox or 
search results, and I want to easily jump to the message’s IMAP folder 
and see it selected in the folder’s listing. This can be from looking 
at the message in a Smart Mailbox’s/search results listing, or (more 
rarely) sometimes when viewing the message in the message viewer. I know 
how to find out what mailbox the message is in (I’ve set a custom 
header in the message viewer showing location, and I can easily display 
the “Source Mailbox” column in the results list). What I’d like is 
a quick way (ideally that I can bind a key to) that will switch to the 
message’s mailbox and select it there.

Is this possible? I’ve tried command-clicking on a the title bar in 
the message viewer and this gives me the Finder path to the message, 
which isn’t often useful for me. I was hoping it would show the 
mailbox path and I could select it from there. As I say, though, I’d 
prefer to be able to bind a key to it so I can jump to the mailbox 
directly from a search results listing when needed.


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