[MlMt] incorrect From:

Niall O'Reilly niall.oreilly+lists at no8.be
Wed Jan 13 18:48:30 EST 2021

On 13 Jan 2021, at 0:58, Randy Bush wrote:

> i watched more closely
>   mm changed the displayed in gui From: (from randy at arrcus.com to
>   randy at psg.com) when i typed the to: randy at psg.com.

On 25 Aug 2017, I reported this problem to mm-feedback at freron.com,
under the subject
“Heuristic for choosing 'From' address gives unexpected/perverse results”.

Some three weeks later, I no longer had resources for following up
on successive helpful replies from Benny.  I decided that it would
be a smaller nuisance for me to pay very strict attention to the From:
address for every future message.

This approach works, except when I don’t pay attention. 8-)

As Jolin Warren explained upthread, MailMate can be configured
either to use a single explicit account as the default origin of
every new message, or to derive the origin “from context”.
The “from context” heuristic seems either to be buggy or to use
a bad strategy.

In particular, once a message has been sent to a particular
destination address, the From: address used for that message
seems to become bound forever as the preferred From: address
for selection by the heuristic for future new messages directed
to the same destination, without regard to subsequent explicit
choices of From: address.


PS. All MUAs suck; MailMate sucks less than most. /N

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