[MlMt] Looking for better identity support, or a workaround

Sebastian Hagedorn Hagedorn at uni-koeln.de
Tue Jan 5 06:31:42 EST 2021


here is the workflow that I’m used to from Mulberry and Thunderbird:

• I have multiple identities set up for my various roles in my job
• Each identity has values for From:, Cc:, and Reply-To: headers, plus 
a signature
• Ideally, it also has a setting for a mailbox where sent messages 
(along with the original message if I am answering one) are stored.

With MailMate I can set up identities by specifying multiple email 
addresses for my IMAP accounts, and I can tie signatures to the 
addresses (although I notice that only works for one of them?!). But 
there is no way to automatically set the other headers, is there?
I created a workaround for new messages with Keyboard Maestro: I run a 
shell script that invokes the emate CLI tool with arguments for -r, -c, 
and -r. That works fine, but it doesn’t help when I’m answering a 
Am I overlooking something, or is there currently no way to achieve 
that? I expected to find a Key Binding Selector for the Composer that 
would let me set the headers, but I don’t see anything there.

Does anybody have a solution for what I’m looking for?

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