[MlMt] Help during evaluation

Sebastian Hagedorn Hagedorn at uni-koeln.de
Tue Jan 5 04:26:50 EST 2021


I’m new to the list. I’m currently evaluating MailMate Version 1.14 
(5757). I’m on Big Sur, so I started with the pre-release.

There is a lot I love about MailMate, and I have already used the 
archives and the manual to answer many of my questions. But a few issues 
remain. Is this the right place to ask? If so, do you prefer one mail 
with all my questions, or should I write one per question?

For background: I’m a long time user of Mulberry, and I would’ve 
stayed with it if macOS hadn’t dropped support for 32-bit 
applications. When I considered replacements about a year ago, I looked 
at MailMate, but “out of the box” it didn’t seem to suit my work 
flow. I settled on Thunderbird with various add-ons at the time, but 
Thunderbird 78 has been so unstable for me that I’m taking another 
look at MailMate. I have created my own key bindings and used some of 
the hidden preferences so that I can use the traditional IMAP model for 
deleting messages.

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