[MlMt] Navigate with space key in sources: crossing the borders of mailboxes and accounts

Shoshanna Green shoshannag at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 09:42:15 EST 2021

I don't know how navigating with the space bar works, and I'm not sure 
how you want it to work; it seems very different from how I use 

But if navigating through smart mailboxes works the way you want it to, 
then why not set up smart mailboxes exactly as you want them? You can 
duplicate your Sources section, by defining each smart mailbox to 
contain exactly what the corresponding Sources mailbox contains, or 
adjust your smart mailboxes to be even better for your needs. You don't 
have to use the smart mailboxes MailMate comes with, and you can 
rearrange your smart mailboxes however you like.

Shoshanna Green

On 2 Jan 2021, at 3:00, Andreas Borutta wrote:

> Hey all :)
> Happy new year!
> Some month ago I asked for missed feature. I tried to use Mailmate 
> without that
> feature, but it doesn't fit for me.
> Therefore I like to explain the usecase, my motive more precisely.
> I understand, that the power of MM are the smart mailboxes.
> At the moment I don't need that power.
> I'm completely satisfied with a couple of IMAP folders.
> (Let's call them Folder1, Folder2, Folder3)
> Mainly I use one single IMAP account.
> (Let's call it MyMainAccount)
> Only rarely do I use 5 other IMAP accounts.
> (Let's call them Lorem, Ipsum, Dolor, Adipisit, Eiusmod)
> I get an incoming mail in those accounts about once a week.
> What is the intended usage of MM?
> It is using the upper section with "Mailboxes" and not the lower 
> section with "Sources".
> What do I get in the section "Mailboxes"?
> Mailboxes
> 	>All Messages
> 	ˇInbox
> 		ˇMyMainAccount
> 			SmartMailbox Folder1
> 			SmartMailbox Folder2
> 			SmartMailbox Folder3
> 		Lorem
> 		Ipsum
> 		Dolor
> 		Adipisit
> 		Eiusmod
> 	>Drafts
> 	>Junk
> 	ˇSent Messages
> 		MyMainAccount
> 		Lorem
> 		Ipsum
> 		Dolor
> 		Adipisit
> 		Eiusmod
> 	>Deleted Messages
> 	>Archive
> What do I get, when I use the section sources?
> Sources
> 	ˇMyMainAccount
> 		Inbox
> 		Drafts
> 		Junk
> 		Sent Messages
> 		Folder1
> 		Folder2
> 		Folder3
> 		Deleted Messages
> 	>Lorem
> 	>Ipsum
> 	>Dolor
> 	>Adipisit
> 	>Eiusmod
> Compared to the section mailboxes the section sources in my usecase is 
> a lot slimmer
> and clearer.
> That's why I would love to see an option to navigate in the sources 
> with the space
> key through all the unread messages.
> Without the need of over changing manually to a folder or an account.
> Yes, I'm very used to this behaviour from my Mail Client Thunderbird 
> or from my News
> Client 40tude Dialogue.
> I love this behaviour of "Single Key Read".
> What do you think about my feature request please?
> Best regards, Andreas
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