[MlMt] Dealing with MailMate disk usage

Nicholas Vahalik nick at nickvahalik.com
Wed Feb 24 13:54:26 EST 2021

I apologize if this isn’t very helpful but, IIRC, both HFS+ and APFS 
have some support for directory-level compression.

There appears to be an [answer on Ask 
which addresses this: namely usage of either the `ditto` or the 
`afsctool` (available via Homebrew).

Perhaps this may offer some you some relief?


On 24 Feb 2021, at 10:05, Raza Rizvi wrote:

> Hi,
> One of the nice things about MailMate is the great search options and 
> instant response, but that comes at the price of having a local copy 
> of your email, and no doubt many of you have multiple mailboxes, as I 
> do.
> So on my 250GB SSD root volume I have just about 50GB now used by 
> MailMate and I am fast running out of disk space. So I thought since 
> “/Users/xxx/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Messages” is an 
> alias pointing at the mail store of “/Users/xxx/Library/Application 
> Support/MailMate/Messages.noindex” this would not be a problem. I 
> could just copy the mail store to a different external SSD and have a 
> new alias to it (called Messages).
> Some hours later, having made the copy (and deleted the original 
> because of the afore mentioned lack of space), I restarted MailMate. 
> It bombed.
> Copy the files back to the “Users/xxx/Library/Application 
> Support/MailMate folder, recreate the original alias, no problems and 
> MailMate starts up.
> Anyone have any suggestions why this did not work?
> Raza
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