[MlMt] Multiple 'retired' addresses

Jolin Warren jolinwarren+mailmate at oakandapple.org
Sun Feb 21 09:20:45 EST 2021

I use the `retiredAddressPattern` hidden preference to store old 
addresses for some of my IMAP accounts. There’s one account in 
particular where the organisation migrated domains, so the 
`retiredAddressPattern` preference contains the address pattern regular 
expression that matches my email address at the old domain, i.e. 
`retiredAddressPattern = "[Jj]olin\\.[Ww]arren at old-domain\\.org"`. 
However, I also have a second, infrequently used, forwarding address at 
the organisation (i.e. `department at old-domain.org`) and I would like to 
add this as a retired address, so that MailMate considers all previous 
emails and any new emails sent to that deprecated address as having been 
sent to me. But I can’t just add the whole of the old domain to my 
`retiredAddressPattern` (`*@old-domain\\.org`) as then all emails in my 
archives from colleagues at the organisation would look like they came 
from me.

Does anyone know a way to add multiple email addresses to 
`retiredAddressPattern`? I tried comma-separated (`retiredAddressPattern 
= "[Jj]olin\\.[Ww]arren at old-domain\\.org, 
department at old-domain\\.org"`), but this didn't seem to work. Any other 
way of achieving this? Is there some grep pattern I could use?


=> Jolin

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