[MlMt] Rules "older than" question?

Tobias Jung nd at tobiasjung.net
Thu Feb 18 11:42:28 EST 2021

On 18 Feb 2021, at 15:03, Robert Wall wrote:

> So in /Users/robertwall/Library/Application 
> Support/MailMate/Mailboxes.plist, I would find my rule, and change the 
> line in my rule (this is Mailmate's "message is received last week" 
> default rule) that says:
>   filter = "(#date-received >[f] 2 weeks ago and #date-received <[f] 1 
> weeks ago)";
> to something more like
>   filter = "(#date-received <[f] 7 days ago)";
> ?

Yeah, that’s exactly the line that was written to my plist by the 
setting that I posted as a screenshot (except that I set "#date" instead 
of "#date-received".)

> It feels like those > and < symbols are backwards. > 2 weeks ago and < 
> 1 weeks ago doesn't feel like it should match anything - can anybody 
> help me wrap my head around that syntax?

My guess is that "> 2 weeks ago" is shorthand for "date is larger than 
the Unix timestamp that represents the date two weeks ago", not for 
"more than two weeks ago".
(Newer messages have a larger timestamp than old ones.)


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