[MlMt] Messages marked as “read” in Version 1.14 (5757)

Rob McBroom mailinglist0 at skurfer.com
Thu Feb 18 06:51:40 EST 2021

I have MailMate setup with the preview pane hidden. Though I really like 
the idea, I’ve never used a preview pane in any mail app for one 
reason: It marks messages as read when they’re *selected*, and not 
when I *read* them.

In the latest version of MailMate, disabling the preview pane doesn’t 
help. Whenever I have a message open (in a separate window, obviously) 
and I delete it or move it with ⌥⌘T, the next message in the list is 
selected **and marked as read**, even though it’s never been opened or 

I haven’t seen anyone else mention this. Is it just me? It’s 
creating a lot of work, going back and marking things unread.


Rob McBroom
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