[MlMt] 15% Mistakes & Some Mail Unscored with SpamSieve, Big Sur, & M1

Ken Pope ken at kenpope.com
Tue Feb 16 20:35:12 EST 2021

Before I moved from 2018 MacBook Pro to an M1 MacBook Pro, Spamsieve 
worded flawlessly with MailMate.  Since the move, I have tried all the 
troubleshooting I could find on the SpamSieve site, including 
reinstalling a new copy of Spamsieve, but even after extensive training, 
Spamsieve makes mistakes (false positives and false negatives) on 
perhaps 15% of my mail.  It classifies some mail as spam even when the 
sender is in my Contacts & I’ve corrected the mistake with that item a 
number of times.  Have made sure I use only one mail client, have MM 
paired w/ SpamSieve in Automation, made sure SpamSieve has access to my 
Contact, etc.  If relevant, I’m using MM Version 1.13.2 (5673) & Big 
Sur 11.2.1 on my MacBook Pro (156-inch, 2018) with SpamSieve (2.9.42).

Don’t know if this is diagnostic, but some of the mail has no score at 
all in the “SpamSieve Score” column.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks!


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