[MlMt] Moving ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/MailMate/Messages

Raza Rizvi raz at raz.org
Thu Feb 11 11:54:50 EST 2021


There was some discussion about 
~/Library/ApplicationSupport/MailMate/Messages and a lack of disk space 
(caused for me by caches for Arqbackup and Anydesk hidden incoming 
folder rather than just Mailmate) meant I checked again what was 
consuming large amounts of space on my boot disk.

As MailMate keeps a local copy of all the messages in your accounts (and 
like many here I have multiple accounts) that consumes a lot of space - 
42GB in my case.

~/Library/ApplicationSupport/MailMate/Messages is itself an alias 
pointing to ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/MailMate/Messages.noindex which 
raises the obvious question that perhaps some of you have tried moving 
the alias to point to a directory on a different SSD. If so, were there 
any problems?


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