[MlMt] Using space bar to read messages

Randall Meadows randy.meadows at not-pc.com
Wed Feb 10 18:48:42 EST 2021

You know how (by default, I think) you can hit the space bar to *start* 
reading the first message in the list right after you select a mailbox?

Anyone notice that sometimes MailMate gets into a state where it 
requires *two* taps of the spacebar for that to happen?  (I've even 
gotten up to three...)

I have no idea what triggers it, and I got stuck like that for so long 
that when it somehow fixed itself, I found I had developed muscle memory 
for a double-tap. :(  And now, less than a day after it "fixed itself", 
it's now "broken" again, back to requiring a double-tap. 😠  
Restarting MM didn't fix it, restarting the Mac didn't fix it...

Anyone else see this, and (more importantly) know how to fix it?

Tank ewe!
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