[MlMt] A rather obscure question about Mailbox layout plist rules

Kee Hinckley kee at hinckley.com
Wed Feb 10 17:43:22 EST 2021

Does anyone know why this:

`transformation = "$ALL_MESSAGES.filter((from.address = 
$mainOutline.from.address and #recipient.address = 
$mainOutline.#recipient.address) or (from.address = 
$mainOutline.#recipient.address and #recipient.address =  

Correctly shows all the correspondence based on the email address. But 

`transformation = "$ALL_MESSAGES.filter((from.name = 
$mainOutline.from.name and #recipient.name = 
$mainOutline.#recipient.name) or (from.name = 
$mainOutline.#recipient.name and #recipient.name =  

only *sometimes* shows all the correspondence based on the the name. The 
rest of the time I just get the current message.

In case someone is wondering, I get lots of mail where the from looks 

`Kanchan Foobar (Jira) <xxx at tivo.com>`

and I want the correspondence view to only show me the messages from 
Kanchan, not the ones from xxx at tivo.com, which would include everyone 
*else's* Jira tasks too.

I've also tweaked the layout. Mailboxes all the way down the left. 
Messages top right. Then two short columns underneath, one with 
Correspondence, one with all messages with the same Subject. Then the 
actual message under that.
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