[MlMt] Removing email from Blacklist

Esteban Umerez esteban at umerez.eu
Wed Feb 10 13:58:51 EST 2021

Hi, Glenn,

I may be wrong, since I’m only an average user, but I don’t have 
that problem, in my case MailMate is consistent in autocompleting 
addresses from Apple Contacts.

I went to MailMate Settings and found that, under the Composer tab, you 
can choose different Auto-Completion Sources, from Contacts or from 
different mailboxes. In my case, only Contacts is checked, so I guess 
that’s why I don’t have problems with that.

Best regards,

Esteban Umerez

On 10 Feb 2021, at 18:00, mailmate-request at lists.freron.com wrote:

> I use auto-completion, but I really wish Mailmate would more strongly
> prioritize addresses in Apple Contacts over those gathered from my
> INBOX. I have a lot of “blacklisted” addresses that resulted from
> email addressed to me using mangled spellings and even incoherent 
> names.
> I feel like Mailmate should be able to recognize the core email 
> address
> in the Contacts and ignore all the bogus variations that people come 
> up
> with.

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