[MlMt] Removing email from Blacklist

Alexandre Takacs a.takacs at augicom.ch
Wed Feb 10 09:42:51 EST 2021

Yes it would seem Benny is somewhat overworked…

For the documentation what about a Wiki ? I’d be happy to contribute a 
few pages (although I know for fact I am very much underusing MM).

On 10 Feb 2021, at 14:15, Charlie Clark wrote:

> On 10 Feb 2021, at 11:34, Martin S Taylor wrote:
>> And there doesn't seem to be much information about 'Blacklist' in 
>> the documentation - or have I missed it?
> Just one of the many things missing from the documentation.
> I believe than Benny is currently working on cloning himself – there 
> will at least three copies – to work on all the outstanding issues 
> and then the documentation… Well, one can hope! ;-)
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