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Sun Feb 7 09:52:41 EST 2021


The keyboard shortcut for the bundle works for me. I am on BigSur,  
build 5757. I  was prompted to give MailMate access to "Accessibility" 
(Security & Privacy) when I tried to use the bundle the first time.

On Sat Feb 06, 2021 at 01:03 PM, Guillaume Barrette wrote:

> Hi all,
>   To give some more solutions... you can also use a text expansion 
> utility for that (Typinator, aText, TextExpander, Alfred, ...). For 
> example, I'm using Typinator and by typing 'vv' I'm getting my 
> clipboard in plain text.

> However, if you prefer to simply use MailMate, I've built a Bundle 
> that should do the same thing as those applications, but invoked 
> directly from MailMate.

> You can download it here: https://d.pr/f/U3oOv1

> I have created two commands:

> 1. **Paste as plain text**: Which change your clipboard content to 
> plain text and paste it to the front window
> 2. **Paste by typing**: Same thing, but doesn't change the content of 
> the clipboard, it will type it as if you manually type the content
> While creating them, I have added some keyboard shortcuts, but I'm not 
> sure if it's a bug from MailMate, but on my side they are only invoked 
> if I open the "Command > Paste (Extra)" menu item... If anyone tries 
> it, maybe you can get back and let me know if the shortcuts work 
> correctly on your side

> Best,
> --
> Guillaume
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