[MlMt] Copy/paste word in mailmate

Tobias Jung nd at tobiasjung.net
Sat Feb 6 07:21:56 EST 2021

On 6 Feb 2021, at 4:22, Alex Abdo wrote:

> If you use Alfred (a great replacement for Spotlight

… among *many* others features)

> , it also manages your clipboard for you and allows you to paste very 
> easily without formatting. You use option-command C to pull up 
> Alfred’s clipboard list, and then select which of your recent 
> clipboard items you want to paste, and hit enter.

Or you set up a hotkey to "paste as plain text" as shown here:

The downside is, you need to buy the "Powerpack" (£29 ≈ €33 ≈ 
US$40) in order to use this functions.
In my opinion, it’s absolutely worth it but I think this should be 
(I assure you I’m in no way connected to the vendors of the 
application, nor do I receive any benefits for praising it, I’m just a 
satisfied user.)


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