[MlMt] vim mode

Kee Hinckley kee at hinckley.com
Mon Aug 30 21:56:54 EDT 2021

I recently started using Obsidian for my Markdown editing. Switched over 
from Notebooks (which was wonderfully seamless).

Obsidian has a vim mode (with a hilarious dialog box when you enable 
it). So now I'm happily editing markdown using vi commands, and I'm 

The only problem is that now my fingers are assuming that if it's 
markdown, it's vi. And that's not working very well in MailMate!

I know there's the "edit in vim" option, but that's not really the 
experience I'm looking for. What I was wondering is how hard it would be 
to *add* vi-mode to MailMate. There are clearly ready-to-go vi-mode 
plugins out there. I use wasavi to get vi in edit fields in Chrome.
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