[MlMt] Can't get SMTP account functioning

diggle at contrawise.net diggle at contrawise.net
Mon Aug 30 18:28:40 EDT 2021

@ Charlie Garrison, re the Activity Monitor:
I selected the SMTP account in the monitor, and it appeared empty -
despite many attempts to to send mail.

I have a hunch about the problem's cause. It has to do with the
Keychain. Does Apple's Keychain handle the login, or at least the
password used at login? I may have screwed something up by denying a
link between the keychain and MM. If so, perhaps no login activity can
even begin to take place. Without an understanding of MM's login
routine, I can only guess. The appearance, as I see it, is that the
password credential information resides in the MM SMTP config, so the
routine would get it from its place in the app, and log in with it. If
the keychain is the actual source of the password - or if MM needs
Keychain's blessing to use the password, I may have broken something. I
have a vague memory of denying a link to the Keychain during
configuration set-up. [I am somewhat suspicious of the Keychain, because
it has interfered with my password manager in the past.] I think I
understood the link to the keychain as 'optional'. I don't have a clear
recollection, unfortunately. I can't be sure that happened while I set
up the SMTP Login config. It might've. Sorry I can't be more specific.

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