[MlMt] Rule triggers but "move message" skipped

Randall Gellens mailmate at randy.pensive.org
Sat Aug 28 21:26:27 EDT 2021

I often find messages that were processed by a rule in which actions of 
the rule such as adding a tag were done but a move message action was 
not, leaving the message in the wrong mailbox.  In one of my accounts, 
when this happens the messages stay in the Inbox.  In another of my 
accounts, the messages get moved to a catch-all mailbox.  The really odd 
thing about the behavior in this account is that all of the rules that 
move messages into mailboxes other than the catch-all mailbox add a tag 
that indicates they've been filed.  The messages that end up erroneously 
moved to the catch-all mailbox have this tag, which indicates they've 
been acted on by a rule that moved them elsewhere.  The the rule that 
moves messages into the catch-all mailbox has as one of its conditions a 
test that this tag does not appear.  So the messages are marked that 
they've been acted on by a rule that moved them elsewhere, and are moved 
by a rule that isn't supposed to act on messages so marked.  When I see 
such misfiled messages in the catch-all mailbox, I drag them to the 
Inbox for that account, whereupon they get correctly filed.  I wonder if 
there's some kind of timing hole that causes rules to act incorrectly?  
Or maybe some interaction between rules that I'm not taking into 


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