[MlMt] Sending plain text email

Charlie Clark charlie at begeistert.org
Fri Aug 20 04:45:19 EDT 2021

On 20 Aug 2021, at 9:56, Stephan Bösebeck wrote:

> Hi,
>  I am a bit confused, as I cannot send an email in plain text format. It seems that Mailmate always generates HTML, _even_ if I choose plaintext in composer.
>  I do not have a signature with that account, I switch to "plainText" in composer. (the html-view stays open!)
>  Any ideas?

What version of MM are you on and what are your composer settings? I've just set markup to None and I'm not getting any richtext.

If you think there is a bug, the best thing is also to submit a report on the tracker.

I hate HTML mail but have been largely able to ignore thanks for MailMate judicious support. And let's face it, we probably all have a majority of correspondents who have no idea what text/plain is. But my biggest beef with the world is definitely top-posting! But every day I'll still saddle Rosinante and continue to tilt at those windmills!


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