[MlMt] What controls physical deletion of mails from MailMate?

Raza Rizvi raz at raz.org
Mon Aug 16 11:32:22 EDT 2021


Usually in my mail clients I see deleted mails either as struck through or in red, pending me to get round to running an Expunge.

In MailMate I used to see such deleted mails with a red dot marker. I noticed a little while ago that mails deleted on a Tuffmail account appeared to be deleted immediately/nearly immediately. I figured this was a change in the handling of such messages on the Fastmail side as they started their path to ceasing operations in Jan 2022.

Now I am noticing this with FastMail (to whom I am moving my message store). This suggests it is something I am doing wrong.

I can’t see anything in MailMate or the FastMail preferences that controls the immediate deletion or otherwise of IMAP flagged deleted emails (as you see in the IMAP settings for Google accounts).

It happens regardless of whether I use the bin icon or the delete key. Mails do not appear in the Deleted Messages folder within MailMate.

I can’t see a relevant hidden preference I might have accidentally toggled. What am I missing?


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