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Antonio Leding tech at leding.net
Wed Aug 4 15:52:41 EDT 2021

Thanks for your responses and yeah, I would very much like to resolve 
the crash issue but I know Benny is busy so frankly, I really didn’t 
wanna be a bother and push the issue especially in these awesome 
pandemic times.

When this began, I allowed the system to send the crash reports but 
after a month or two, I stopped because it seemed to have the same data. 
  Regardless, I will resume sending them in starting with the next 

As to version: macOS High Sierra 10.13.6; MailMate is 1.13.1 (5682) but 
this began on a previous version at least 6-8 months ago…

- - -

On 4 Aug 2021, at 0:54, MM_Arc wrote:

> Hello Antonio,
> Which version of MacOS and which version of MM are you using ?
> I’ve ran into some issues with development versions which Benny ( 
> Mr. MM ) quickly resolved.
> Regards,
> Marc
> On 3 Aug 2021, at 22:38, Antonio Leding wrote:
>> Hello MailMate community,
>> My inquiry today has to do with the search facilities of the various 
>> mail archiving tools out there.  Based on my reading of the mailer 
>> archives, the following tools seem to get a lot of mention:
>> * Devon
>> * EagleFiler
>> * Mail Steward
>> * Horcrux
>> * Mail Archiver X
>> **As baseline**, I truly love MailMate’s search facility.  I find 
>> it to be incredibly functional and an essential tool that enables me 
>> to easily find emails especially when I have very little search 
>> criteria.  So MailMate’s search functionality is a minimum 
>> requirement for me.
>> **Next - my current setup**:  I have a locally installed Dovecot 
>> server that is dedicated to archives.  This works great and because 
>> it is accessible via MailMate, access & searching of archives is 
>> essentially the same as for “live” email.  And while I do love 
>> the consistency, it is not a “must-have” like the search 
>> functionality is.
>> **The issue???** Simply put, MailMate is unstable - well, it is for 
>> me at least. Despite running various MailMate versions across 
>> different Macs & OS versions, MailMate still crashes at least 3-5 
>> times per week.
>> So, in an attempt to find a more stable scenario, I’ve decided to 
>> check with you all and solicit feedback regarding how well each of 
>> the above apps implements search facilities.  I’ve actually tried 
>> both Devon & EagleFiler and while Devon’s search seems to rival 
>> that of MailMate, I find EagleFiler’s search to be somewhat 
>> lacking.  Perhaps this is a user error issue and if so, then please 
>> feel free to educate me.
>> So with that, I respectfully request any feedback you would like to 
>> share re: your mail archiver of choice and how well it provides 
>> search facilities.
>> Thanks in advance…
>> — Tony —
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