[MlMt] Sound Device for MailMate Sound Effects

Pete Long pete at valar.uk.net
Mon Apr 12 11:14:26 EDT 2021

On 11 Apr 2021, at 21:57, Pierre Igot wrote:

>>> On 10 Apr 2021, at 2:06, Pete Long wrote:
>>> Have I missed a setting somewhere to make MailMate use the 'Sound Effects'
>>> audio interface instead of whatever device is highlighted in the 'Output'
>>> section?


> There is nothing that prevents apps from using macOS’s Sound Effects
> output, if the sounds that they play are indeed sound effects. It’s up to
> the developer to choose which output he wants to use for which sounds
> coming from his app. In my experience as someone who has been using two
> different outputs for many years, some developers are careful about this
> and some developers are not. (And sometimes even apps that behave properly
> can break this during a routine update, and then one has to report the
> problem to the developer.)


Thanks Pierre, I agree. I hope Benny can look into this possible addition to
MailMate in the future.



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