[MlMt] Prospective user: Possible to use MM in separate window mode?

Robert Brenstein mailmate at learning-insights.eu
Fri Apr 9 10:33:41 EDT 2021

On 5 Apr 2021, at 21:31, David Green wrote:

> On 5 Apr 2021, at 13:52, ch wrote:
>> I've read a bunch of list posts about switching to MailMate and am 
>> somewhat prepared for the mental retraining I'll be facing. However, 
>> there is one way of working that I'm not prepared to give up: using 
>> separate mailbox windows.
>> I really, really dislike the one-window three-pane email standard - 
>> it drives me bonkers. I'm someone who likes to see everything at 
>> once. My office looks like chaos, but I know in which pile and how 
>> far down everything is because I can see it! :-)
> You can have multiple windows.  I think to get what you want, you 
> would choose the three pane view, select the mailbox for this window, 
> and then chose to hide the mailbox side panel.
> Dave

That is the same as choosing two-pane view. You can open as many of 
those views as you wish to see the mailbox. Messages will open in their 
own windows.
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