[MlMt] Utterly baffled by Mailing Lists

Paul Atlan paulatlan at fastmail.fm
Thu Apr 8 11:47:26 EDT 2021

I must be an idiot.

I'm working on my IMAP Inbox.
I've set up an IMAP box called Newsletters next to it.

I've set up the following rule on the IMAP Inbox:
All of the following are true:
   Source is in Newsletters Source
Move to Mailbox Newsletters

But for the life of me I can't get it to work. I've tried using various 
variations on Source (Source / No specifier , Source / Mailto) and even 
the From field (From / No specifier, From / User ) ... to no avail.

Would you have any idea about what I did wrong?


On 4 Apr 2021, at 13:54, Marc ARC wrote:

> Paul,
> What I use to filter out (marketing)mailing lists from my inbox is the 
> following:
> I defined a Marketing mailbox where I drop a (the first?) mail from 
> that source
> I defined a condition based rule on my inbox:
> - if source is in Marketing mailbox
> - then move to Marketing mailbox ( or Auto_Marketing mailbox° )
> By setting up submailboxes (on the sender) you can then easily see 
> what is related to which list/sender.
> Or on the marketing mailbox you can setup a definition based rule to 
> move the mails to other mailboxes
> Regards,
> Marc
> On 26 Mar 2021, at 10:28, Paul Atlan wrote:
>> I’m trying to sort my mailing lists into something halfway 
>> manageable and readable.
>> If I use the “out of the box” Mailing List mailbox, with the 
>> following settings:
>> Sort for unique values of List-id > description
>> And name mailboxes as:
>> ${list-id.description:${subject.blob:?${subject.blob:/capitalize}:${list-id.identifier.final-level}}}
>> I get a baffling array of names such as:
>>  * 420a598457b46e0aa26a7a673mc list
>>  * 15marches.substack.com
>>  * 245.44880.info.alternatives-economiques.fr
>>  * 245.44922.info.alternatives-economiques.fr
>> It seems some people use the list-id to name their lists, others an 
>> identifier, others yet a url ….
>> And basically, whatever item I choose to sort by, or rename by, I’m 
>> never going to get a proper list of names.
>> I’ve tried to rename some of the lists, which would work except … 
>> some list managers seem to change list-id’s every few mails, so I 
>> have mailing lists spread over many separate mailboxes …
>> I’ve started building rules to identify and tag each and every 
>> newsletter, but this is brittle (the ux being what it is, it’s 
>> difficult to have rules with more than 4 or 5 conditions, so I’ve 
>> spread out the newsletters over multiple rules), any new newsletter 
>> needs to go through a process….
>> I can’t imagine, with the number of power users using MailMate, 
>> that there aren’t some interesting solutions around …
>> Paul.
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