[MlMt] Prospective user: Possible to use MM in separate window mode?

ch rch at socialdesign.org
Mon Apr 5 14:52:22 EDT 2021

I have abruptly reached the end of road for using Mailsmith as 
my email client, since my mail provider will no longer let 
Mailsmith connect to receive messages. From my research, it 
looks like MailMate will be the closest replacement, at least in 
general philosophy of email handling.

I've read a bunch of list posts about switching to MailMate and 
am somewhat prepared for the mental retraining I'll be facing. 
However, there is one way of working that I'm not prepared to 
give up: using separate mailbox windows.

I really, really dislike the one-window three-pane email 
standard - it drives me bonkers. I'm someone who likes to see 
everything at once. My office looks like chaos, but I know in 
which pile and how far down everything is because I can see it! :-)

In Mailsmith, I have one window with my mailbox list, then a 
half dozen or so windows with my most commonly used mailboxes. I 
can tell at a glance what's happening where in various parts of 
my life. If I need to access any other mailbox, I double-click 
it in the list & open a new window.

Further, in some of those mailbox windows, I show just the 
message list, and open the messages in separate windows. In 
others, I show two panes: message list and message content - 
similar to the three-pane system.

In reading the manual and posts here, it appears that MM doesn't 
have that same level of windowing flexibility, correct? Is there 
some way of simulating that behavior, even if it's not standard?

Bottom line, I like having control over which mailboxes and 
which messages open in their own windows. I could live without 
the two-pane behavior and just have mailboxes with a message 
list in their own windows, but I must have at least that ability 
- I find the three pane system extremely inefficient.

Thanks for your help...

(Oh, and for any old Mailsmith users, if you remember any advice 
on the switchover, I'd love to hear it!)

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