[MlMt] system alert sound randomly occurring when selecting messages in MM

Eric Sharakan esharakan at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 15:50:02 EDT 2020

On 25 Oct 2020, at 14:45, Glenn Parker wrote:

> On 25 Oct 2020, at 13:46, Lisa Sieverts wrote:
>> Eric Sharakan <esharakan at gmail.com> said:
>>> Hi, has anyone else noticed this odd behavior: sometime MailMate 
>>> will emit the system alert sound when I select certain messages for 
>>> viewing.  I don't see anything unusual about the messages it chooses 
>>> to do this with, and the behavior goes away (but eventually returns) 
>>> if I restart MM.
>> YES I have seen this behavior every day. Since I don’t have sound 
>> on for alerts, the thing I notice is that as I’m going through my 
>> Inbox, every so often instead of a down arrow (or N/P with my key 
>> bindings) moving me to the next message, what I see is that the Apple 
>> Menu has been highlighted and opened instead. I have to click away 
>> from that and then highlight my next message in Mailmate and at that 
>> point I can work normally until the next time it happens. I see this 
>> behavior at least 2x and up to 10+ times in a typical day. I’d love 
>> to be able to stop this behavior.
> It sounds like some other program is launching in the background and 
> then stealing the keyboard focus from MailMate, perhaps some automatic 
> update process (e.g. anti-virus, Adobe CC, even OS X)? If that update 
> program doesn’t recognize your keyboard input, it would beep at you. 
> I have seen DropBox and Google Backup & Restore do this, but not every 
> day.
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It does sound like Lisa and I are describing two different issues.  In 
my case, no menu item highlights, and no other App grabs the focus.  MM 
simply beeps at me when I select certain messages.  Restarting MM 
resolves the issue, at least for a period of time.



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