[MlMt] system alert sound randomly occurring when selecting messages in MM

Lisa Sieverts lisa at lisasieverts.com
Sun Oct 25 13:46:59 EDT 2020

Eric Sharakan <esharakan at gmail.com> said:

> Hi, has anyone else noticed this odd behavior: sometime MailMate will 
> emit the system alert sound when I select certain messages for 
> viewing.  I don't see anything unusual about the messages it chooses 
> to do this with, and the behavior goes away (but eventually returns) 
> if I restart MM.

YES I have seen this behavior every day. Since I don’t have sound on 
for alerts, the thing I notice is that as I’m going through my Inbox, 
every so often instead of a down arrow (or N/P with my key bindings) 
moving me to the next message, what I see is that the Apple Menu has 
been highlighted and opened instead. I have to click away from that and 
then highlight my next message in Mailmate and at that point I can work 
normally until the next time it happens. I see this behavior at least 2x 
and up to 10+ times in a typical day. I’d love to be able to stop this 

Thank you,

Lisa Sieverts
lisa at lisasieverts.com

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