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Max Rydahl Andersen max.andersen at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 02:29:44 EDT 2020

I'll just be rebellious and top post and say thanks for letting me know 
I could move the signature to the bottom!

Was getting so tired of having to confirm to delete signature. Thank 

>>>> And yet, AFAIK MailMate has no support for bottom-posting replies 
>>>> in the composer window, which is frustrating.
>>> And yet, it does.  It is not in the obvious place, which would be 
>>> the Composer pane.
>>> In the Signatures pane, there's a "Caret placement" menu and  
>>> "Default signature placement" radio buttons. If the latter is set to 
>>> "Bottom" and the former is set to "Above Signature," then in a reply 
>>> you get quoted text above the insertion point and the signature (if 
>>> any) below that.
>> So after just posting that this isn't working at all for me, I tried 
>> clicking the "Reset Signature Usage History" button in the Signatures 
>> pane, and voila!, it works now.
>> Thanks.
> I have to say that, even after staring at the UI in the Signature pane 
> more than once, I simply had no idea that this was an option. I’m 
> very glad to have learned. Thanks, Bill!
> The combination of the 2 radio buttons for Default signature placement 
> and the 3-item menu for Caret placement is not intuitive (at least for 
> me). A panel with 6 diagrams, one for each of the possible 
> combinations, would work better for my brain.
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