[MlMt] English grammar correction

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Thu Oct 8 07:35:06 EDT 2020

On 2020-10-08 12:06, Ken Pope wrote:
>>> You can turn that warning off in user preferences (composer tab). I 
>>> personally find it useful.
>> The warning is useful, the complaint is about the "MTV" style of 
>> language: __anyways__ is not a generally recognised conjunction (I 
>> think that's the part of speech here).
> A minority view: I like the informality.  The adverb “always” is 
> accepted as informal English.  If formal English is required, “Send 
> anyways?” would need to be rephrased as a complete sentence.  Anyways, 
> just my $.02. :)

As an English person in England 'anyways' isn't a word of any sort. 
Never heard it used here. Vaguely remember hearing it in American TV 
shows. It may have been in use in England before America was so named.


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