[MlMt] sync problems

Alain Israel aisrael at pasteur.fr
Thu Oct 8 07:33:17 EDT 2020

I am currently using Mailmate (1.13.2) on 2 computers. When I delete 
emails from the Inbox on one (or move these emails into another maibox), 
then turn the computer off, and turn on the second one, a large number 
of  « deleted » emails are still present in the Inbox (same for the 
« moved » emails). I am not sure whether this happens for all 
treated emails, or just some of them. Is this a (known?) problem due to 
the server, the app, something else?


PS : this also happens with Preside on the iPhone : « deleted » 
emails are still present. However I am not sure it touches the same 
emails on the Mac and the iPhone.
PPS : my server is of the Exchange type
PPPS : I just opened Mail, and I have the same problem.So it seems 
unrelated to Mailmate.

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