[MlMt] English grammar correction

Billy Youdelman billy at MIX.ORG
Thu Oct 8 07:02:08 EDT 2020

On 7 Oct 2020, at 22:24 MST, Tracy Valleau wrote:

> The button that appears in the dialog when the word "attachment" is 
> found in the text, but no attachment is linked in the email (which is 
> nanny-overkill, IMHO) should be
> "Send anyway?"
> not
> "Send anyways?"

Hmm..  Here's what I see...

![](cid:489634DF-A808-4B11-BACF-23E3BD1EEE8F at MIX.ORG "Attachment.jpg")

...running Mailmate 2.0BETA (6092) (from 29-Sep-2017, because I'm still 
on OS 10.9.5).

ビリー ヨーデルマん
+1 310 839 7673
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