[MlMt] Excessive Message Duplication

Daniel Berdine rothaar at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 15:56:11 EDT 2020


I am finally admitting defeat on several major issues I have been having 
with Mailmate for months. I am not certain how/if they are related so I 
am just going to try and lay out everything and go from there…

1: My primary email account (this one, at gmail) is almost continuously 
“throttled”. I can’t understand why. I’ve looked through all the 
documentation I can find and all the threads on the mailing list that 
seemed relevant. Eventually I decided that maybe it was repeatedly 
downloading lots of messages (though this was more because it seemed to 
be the case for others than because I could see the traffic). I had 
already intended to create new emails for different purposes to reduce 
the single email burden, so I decided now was as good a time as ever… 
So, I moved a bunch of emails and changed various subscriptions. For a 
while this seemed to help, but eventually I noticed some other issues 

2: Messages deleted in MailMate don’t delete off of the server (keep 
showing up in webmail or iOS Mail client) and will eventually 
re-download. I’ve deleted the same messages dozens of times. Sometimes 
it seems to stick, other times it doesn’t.

3: Some accounts have generated MASSIVE duplication of some messages. 
I’ve seen this on both gmail and outlook accounts. The worst is an 
outlook account that duplicated several messages at least 50,000 times 
(it isn’t clear if that’s where it stopped, or more just wouldn’t 
show up at once). I tried deleting them from Mailmate and they just came 
back, over rand over. Eventually I downloaded the Outlook mail client 
and deleted them there. Which… still didn’t work. I spent several 
days in Mailmate, Outlook webmail, and Outlook client deleting messages 
before, eventually, I seem to have successfully purged most of the 
massive duplication. I still have handfuls of copies of almost every 
message in that particular account (“select duplicates” only 
partially works).

4: Even once the duplicates are removed, in some cases they keep 
duplicating so long as I leave the problem account online. It doesn’t 
seem as fast as before, but I have to leave one account disconnected 
even now. (I turned it on when I started writing bullet 3 above and 
appear to have several hundred new copies of one particular email.)

I assume this isn’t enough information to really help. What logs or 
additional data would be helpful? I am currently at Version 1.13.2 
(5673), Catalina 10.15.7 (19H2).

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