[MlMt] LDAP support in v5723

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Fri Oct 2 08:29:21 EDT 2020

On 1 Oct 2020, at 15:40, Raza Rizvi wrote:

> Warning: Failed starting TLS. Can't contact LDAP server
> ldap connection failed (ldaps://ldap.mxes.net:636): Can't contact LDAP server
> Is there more debugging I can do to help you find the solution?

I think I can see what the issue is. The `requireSSL` parameter makes MailMate try to initiate encryption even after the use of ldaps already did that.

I've changed the code to make it work in the next update, but I haven't tested it. You can also try setting requireSSL to false which should have the same effect (it'll still encrypt the connection).

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