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On 30 Sep 2020, at 22:49, Randy Bush wrote:

>>> On 30 Sep 2020 20:57, Randy Bush <randy at psg.com> wrote:
>>>  can you think of a simple way a user could have inadvertantly wiped all
>>>  mail in their account's mailboxen aside from the imap entry 0?

IMAP entry 0?

>>> i keep
>>>  daily backup of their mail, but the drama can be excessive :)
>> You mean on a server ?
>> With mailmate as client ?
> yes
> blows away all content of their imap mbox files except for the imap
> keeper message

In general, MailMate should be very careful about only deleting emails server-side if the user explicitly asked it to do so. In most cases, the first step would be moving them to “Deleted Messages”. Exceptions that come to mind are:

* Deleting something which is already in a mailbox assigned for “Deleted Messages”.
* Selecting emails and then using the option key to use “Message ▸ Delete Now” (shows a warning by default).
* Using the `expungeMessage:` custom key binding (works like “Delete Now”).
* Using the “Empty Mailbox” menu item (this only works for junk/trash by default, but there's a hidden preference to enable it for all mailboxes -- at your own risk).
* Using the `emptyMailbox:` custom key binding (works like “Empty Mailbox”).

Over the years I've had a few reports about disappeared emails, but not anything which could be tracked back to MailMate being involved. Ideally, MailMate would keep a log of all “destructive” actions in order to make it easier to review/verify what might have happened (or not happened), but that is not currently the case :|

Please let me know if you think a MailMate bug is involved. In particular, if it's reproducible.

One thing that comes to mind which might be helpful: If the UIDValidity value for a mailbox has changed then it's unrelated to any of the items above. In that case, it's either a server issue or the mailbox was explicitly deleted/recreated. If the server changed the UIDValidity value then MailMate would clear its cache and refetch everything.

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