[MlMt] FYI: Don't go to Big Sur just yet.

Denis Ricard d.ricard at me.com
Wed Jun 24 09:57:04 EDT 2020

Apparently I’m either blessed, or those on Big Sur should try to find 
the `Version 1.13.1 (5683)`.

On 24 Jun 2020, at 8:01, Ralf Weber wrote:

> Moin!
> On 24 Jun 2020, at 2:43, Scott wrote:
>> Actually, the laptop in question is using the release version from 
>> Benny's website - not even the alpha/beta.  Benny shall have a load 
>> of crash reports shortly, at any rate!
>> It could be something specific to my configuration interacting with 
>> Big Sur and MM, of course.  I may test that with a quick "mv" to see 
>> if so...
> I doubt it. I installed Big Sur and Mailmate (release) fresh with no 
> prior configuration and it is crashing. Can send crash logs if needed.
> So long
> -Ralf
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