[MlMt] FYI: Don't go to Big Sur just yet.

Alexandre Takacs a.takacs at augicom.ch
Tue Jun 23 16:04:50 EDT 2020

On 23 Jun 2020, at 15:50, Denis Ricard via mailmate wrote:

> Well Scott, you and I might be interesting cases for Benny because 
> I’m writing this in MailMate and in Big Sur, and I’ve had zero 
> problem so far :)
> In fact, aside from a couple of apps that  **decided**  not to 
> launch (displaying a nice dialog saying they were incompatible with 
> the system version), I’ve had zero problems so far.

Obviously Intel hardware ?

I should have my hands on a Developer Transition Kit in the coming days 
- I'll give MM a run if I can :)


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