[MlMt] Default sort order

Tobias Kirchhofer tobias at kirchhofer.net
Sun Jun 21 03:49:51 EDT 2020

Hi, just installed MailMate on my new computer, copied all playlists and 
reestablished all hidden preferences. What has always stopped me having 
a good starting experience with MailMate was my habit to sort mails in a 
mailbox contrary to the default to put new emails at the bottom. Now i 
find myself reverse this on each mailbox. Feels a bit stupid. Searched 
around could not find a way to set the default sort order.

Could someone please enlighten me? Thank you!


Tobias Kirchhofer
tobias at kirchhofer.net

Key fingerprint: 3A90 9832 05EC 7CE2 9093 55D3 910B 0343 8519 FC19

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