[MlMt] Saving selected emails + attachments for legal proof ?

Alexandre Takacs a.takacs at augicom.ch
Tue Jun 16 06:27:30 EDT 2020

On 16 Jun 2020, at 12:05, Charlie Clark wrote:

> I think Glenn's suggestion sounds pretty good to be honest. Otherwise 
> I would have thought it reasonably straightforward to add additional 
> control through AppleScript.

I'd say your mileage will vary.

In my case I had all sorts of mails and attachments (JPG, PDF, Excel, 
Word). Probably 1000+

To have all the mails printed out in sequence with their attachement is 
_not_ a trivial task by any means. Certainly not impossible but 
personally I have given up on MM and went the commercial way. Most 
interested in your feedback, though.


A. Takacs
Augicom SA
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