[MlMt] Smart Mailboxes out of sync

Stefan Buehler stefan at sbuehler.de
Tue Jun 16 06:16:13 EDT 2020

Dear MailMate experts,

I have made a mistake:

To setup mailmate on one particular computer, I simply copied my setup 
files from “Library/Application Support/MailMate” to that computer 
(Tags.plist, Identities.plist,	Sources.plist, Mailboxes.plist, 

This has worked great so far, but in this particular case the problem is 
that Mailmate was already used previously, at a time when my email was 
on a different IMAP provider.

The result is that I now have a lot of duplicate mails in all my smart 
folders. For the duplicates it says “- Unknown” under Source 
Mailbox, where it normally would give the source.

My interpretation of this is that somehow mailmate still has these 
messages, although there is no longer a source account associated with 

Is there a good way to get rid of the duplicates (by forcing mailmate to 
rebuild its cache from the currently available sources)? Or should I 
just delete all of Mailmates data (how do I do that, actually) and start 

Best wishes,


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