[MlMt] Can't get beta versions

Denis Ricard d.ricard at me.com
Sat Jun 13 12:44:01 EDT 2020

The thing is that Benny doesn’t really release beta versions. What you 
get when holding option while checking for updates is more like alpha 
versions, which can break things, but enough people download and use 
these and report bugs that after a time these updates make it directly 
to a release without going through the beta channel.

On 13 Jun 2020, at 1:30, Mike Alexander wrote:

> On 13 Jun 2020, at 1:18, Martin Dege wrote:
>> If you hold down the option key while clicking check for updates?
> That's the problem.  Where is that documented?  I looked around and 
> all I could find is that I had to select the beta build option.  I had 
> forgotten that this isn't enough and you also have to hold down the 
> option key.
> Thanks for your help.
>       Mike Alexander

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