[MlMt] Mailmate fails to connect after awhile

Williper Larnloge pleasespamme at posteo.net
Wed Jun 10 13:59:14 EDT 2020

On 10 Jun 2020, at 4:29, Jan Erik Moström wrote:

> Here is something that have happened a couple of times the last 18h or 
> so. I'm running Mailmate as usual and notice that it can't connect to 
> any of my mail providers (several addresses, three different 
> providers).
> "OK, your internet is down" you say - well no, all other apps works 
> just fine
> "OK, something is blocking the ports that Mailmate uses to talk to the 
> servers" - I don't think so, if I try with Mail (only have 1 account 
> configured) sending/fetching works just fine while Mailmate can't 
> connect at all. Also, if I quit Mailmate and launch it again 
> everything works just fine.
> I haven't touched the OS in any way and it only seem to affect 
> Mailmate, does anyone have a suggestion for what the cause could be?

No idea what is causing, but it’s happening to me, too. I’m using 


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