[MlMt] Export and save

Randall Gellens mailmate at randy.pensive.org
Mon Jun 1 22:05:31 EDT 2020

On 1 Jun 2020, at 8:47, aisrael wrote:

> Thank you for all your answers, I will check these various apps, 
> assuming they have a free trial version. Given the (very) high number 
> of mails I have to keep, the efficiency of the Find function will be 
> critical, as well as, if possible, the support of the hierarchical 
> organisation of the mailboxes.

If you move your email to a new IMAP server (either one you run yourself 
or a service), then the hierarchy will be maintained provided you use an 
IMAP-to-IMAP import tool to move your mail.  As long as you use MailMate 
to access the mail, searching (finding) messages will be very quick, 
because MailMate builds local indexes.  If you want to sometimes use 
webmail or some other client that isn't MailMate and still want fast 
searching, then it's important to use an IMAP server (or service) that 
uses server-side indexing for fast searches.


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