[MlMt] Keyboard shortcut "Single Key Read"?

Max Rydahl Andersen max.andersen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 03:41:51 EST 2019

I haven't found one, so my approximation is the following:

	      "N" = ("selectNextCountedMailbox:",     "makeFirstResponder:", 
	      "P" = ("selectPreviousCountedMailbox:", "makeFirstResponder:", 

Then with `mybindings, postbox` in keyboard setup I then have 'n' being 
next unread and then shift+N goes to next folder with a counter (which 
by default is unread but could be something else).

p and P does the same just 'previous' instead of next.


On 10 Nov 2019, at 8:59, Andreas Borutta wrote:

> Good morning.
> I'm new to MailMate. In my previous mail client Thunderbird I like the
> function of a keyboard short which can be charaterized as "single key
> read".
> By default it is the space bar.
> In MM the space bar key will move you at the first through a mail body
> (when it does not fit into the pane) and when it reaches the end of
> the body it moves you to the next message in the same mailbox. When
> you reached the last mail in the mailbox, MM stops.
> I would like to let the space bar key move you only through unread
> messages.
> And I like it to do not stop at the last mail of a mailbox, but move
> you to the next unread message in the next mailbox.
> That is my most used commands at all in Thunderbird. I love the ease
> of tapping the space bar for reading.
> Is that possible with MM please?
> Thanks.
> Andreas
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