[MlMt] "Send as new and ease subject field"

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Mon Jun 24 04:51:47 EDT 2019

On 12 Jun 2019, at 10:02, leo wrote:

> I very often use old emails I sent as **From**—**To** address 
> templates for new mails.
> For this I use the “Edit as new…” menu entry. So far so good. 
> Unfortunaty quite often I forget — after carefully crafting the 
> email body — to change the email subject accordingly. I press send 
> — and MailMate sends the new message with the old subject. :-(
> A good way to mitigate this problem would be a “Send as new and ease 
> subject field” command.

Ease? Ah, I'm guessing it should be “erase”?

> — Any easy way to achieve this?

No, and I cannot make it default behavior since I think “not changing 
the subject” is more common. I'm not sure having it as a separate menu 
item would make much sense since it'll be just as difficult to remember 
to use this as it would be to just change the subject after using the 
current menu item.

So, maybe an option to force MailMate to always ask you if the subject 
should be erased or not when you use this menu item? That would make it 
an opt-in feature for people using the feature like you do -- and you 
would always be forced to make the choice before writing the body.

(Also note that MailMate always warns about an empty subject.)

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