[MlMt] Problem with tags.

Jack Saturn jack at recdel.com
Mon Jul 15 19:35:47 EDT 2019

Hello all,

My process for dealing with incoming mail is to reply, then tag to a 
particular category, followed by moving the message to Archive.

This has always worked fine, but I realized recently that many messages 
are losing their tags. I noticed when I went to look at a particular 
category of Tagged items and found that many fewer items were in there 
as there should have been.

For instance, I make a lot of purchases for my business, and my 
“receipts” tag should have numerous items in a given week, yet when 
I check the tag, I only see a few over the past few months. Mid-April 
and before looks correct, but since that time, there are many items not 
tagged, when I know for a fact that I tagged them every time before 
archiving them.

The messages still exist, and I can find them if I go directly to the 
Archive folder, but there are no tags associated with them.

Did something change with a Mailmate update which may have caused this 
issue? Is there something else I should be doing to make these tags 



Recursive Delete Audio/Visual
Portland, OR


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