[MlMt] Suggested way to quickly find all messages to and from given email adress?

Alain Israel aisrael at pasteur.fr
Mon Jul 15 05:25:30 EDT 2019

This « Search » button seems by default to search within the current 
mailbox (if I am correct). Is it possible to have it search by default 
in « All messages »?

The Search box can be made to search « All message subparts », but 
then you don’t have all the options of the Search button. To be honest 
I am not sure I use correctly these 2 ways of searching (Search button 
and Search box). I attach a screenshot of my configuration.


> Finally, you could modify the default behavior of the "Search" toolbar 
> button instead. Click that and you get a search bar where you can set 
> up any sort of search you like, e.g. "Any Address contains" with an 
> empty search value. To make that search the default, use the menu 
> command Edit->Find->Use As Default Search. The next time you click the 
> Search toolbar button, the search bar will come up with the search you 
> set.
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